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Tattooz by Sassy is the proud recipient of several awards for "The Best of the Twin Lakes" contest winning 1st place for Tattoo Studio three years in a row. They have also won awards for  Best Permanent Cosmetics, Best Body Piercer, Best Tattoo Artists, and Best Artists in the Twin Lakes Area!


 Tattooz by Sassy has been in its current location at the Harps Plaza since September 11, 2001.

Dessa Blackthorn LPN


    Sassy has been an artist her entire life. She first started airbrushing in 1983. Her airbrush work was spotted in Hawaii by a tattoo artist who convinced her to learn tattooing. She has been doing it since 1989 and is a multi-award winning artist winning over 40 awards for her tattoo and airbrush artwork! She specializes in tattoo portraits but can create all kinds of custom pieces for you! Sassy was awarded businesswoman of the year by Cambridge Who's Who and is a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists. She is also a licensed nurse in the state of Arkansas and a published writer working on a book series! (See "Sassy's Books" on the top of the Home page)

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Sarah Quinney

 Sarah Quinney

Sarah has been working at Tattooz by Sassy as a licensed body piercer since 2002. She has a gentle way with customers and tries to make each piercing experience as pleasant as possible. Her training and expertise helps her to answer any questions you might have about your piercing. Sarah can also do any type of piercing from facial to personal and everything in between. She has a BSE in mid-level education and an MSE in Special Education with Gifted and Talented children. Between her day job, husband, and two children she is busy until after 4:00pm when she is on call for piercing at the shop.




Aleise Gage 

Aleise Gage

Aleise is the girl you will need to talk to in order to set an appointment. She joined Tattooz by Sassy in November of 2013 and quickly figured out what it takes to run the behind-the-scenes work that makes everything come together. Her job duties include answering the phone, taking messages, setting appointments, taking deposits for tattoo appointments, calling back customers, ringing up services and sales, and several other miscellaneous duties important to keeping the lobby running like a well-oiled machine for the customers and employees.

In her spare time she enjoys Polynesian dance, camping, hiking, and exploring caves



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