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Frequently Asked Questions

*According to Arkansas law, you MUST be at least 16 years of age for any procedure in our shop! If you are under 18, you MUST have a biological parent or LEGAL guardian with a notarized court document stating guardianship! BOTH the minor AND parent or guardian MUST have a PHOTO I.D. AND A BIRTH CERTIFICATE! A state i.d. can be obtained at the Dept. of Finance (they issue i.d.'s for kids as young as 10 for flying purposes) NO EXCEPTIONS!! ALL procedures done in our shop require an i.d. regardless of age. WE DO THINGS BY THE BOOK AND WILL NOT GO TO JAIL FOR ANYONE! Thank you for your understanding.*

General questions:

Q. Does it hurt?

A. Tattoos do hurt to some degree. Some places and some people are more sensitive than others. We are barely pricking the skin with tiny needles so it is not anything like getting a shot.

Q. Is it safe or will I get a disease from this?

A. We guarantee everything we use is sterile and safe! Most everything is thrown out after each customer.

Q. Will I get sick if I eat before getting something done?

A. It is better to eat 30-60 minutes before a procedure to prevent passing out. It will not make you sick if you eat.

Q. Will I pass out from the pain?

A. No, but not eating 30 - 60 minutes before coming in might contribute to you passing out. Most people pass out because their blood-glucose level is low. Once the endorphins kick in, they experience lightheadedness and nausea.

Q. Is it hard to take care of?

A. Tattoos are not difficult to take care of and if you follow the written instructions we give you, you will have little to no problems.

Q. Are you licensed to do these procedures?

A. We are all licensed by the Arkansas Dept. of Health. Our studio is also inspected regularly and licensed.

Q. Do you charge extra for custom designs or color?

A. We do not charge extra for custom work or color! This is all included in the price.

Q. How much experience do you have?

A. We all have many years of experience! Sassy has been tattooing since 1989.

Due to the high number of hot checks and the high fees merchants are charged to run debit and credit cards, we take CASH ONLY in the shop.

Tattoo pricing starts at $50 (+ tax) and go up according to size. Please STOP IN to get a price quote as we cannot tell how big something is over the phone. Large pieces that require multiple sittings may be payed for as you get it done with a minimum $100 per sitting required with any balance due on the last sitting.

THERE IS A $40 (+ tax) DEPOSIT REQUIRED TO HOLD APPOINTMENTS. This deposit will be taken off the price of your tattoo and can be made over the phone using a credit or debit card. If you cannot make your appointment, call or email us and we will hold your deposit for 30 days. If you don't contact us or show up, you lose your deposit!


  • Eyebrows $200.00

  • Eyeliner (just upper or just lower) $150.00

  • Eyeliner (upper and lower) $200.00

  • Lip Liner $200.00

  • Full lip color $300.00
  • Redo of someone else's work $150.00

  • First touch up is free. If on the rare occasion you need a second touch up, it is just $50

Price does not include tax. Price does include aftercare package and lidocaine to numb the area.


We also require a $40 (+ tax) deposit on all appointments. This deposit will be taken off your procedure at the time it is done. 

If you do not call and do not show for your appointment, you will lose your deposit. If you call us, we will hold your deposit for 30 days while you reschedule.

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