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Permanent Cosmetics

Dessa Blackthorn LPN (Sassy) is the only person licensed to do permanent cosmetics in our studio. She will not do permanent cosmetic procedures on anyone under 18 unless recommended by a doctor for medical reasons. Sassy is:
  • A licensed permanent cosmetic artist since 2004
    Healed Eyeliner 
  • Trained in cosmetic application
  • Licensed tattoo artist since 1989
  • Licensed nurse in the state of Arkansas since 2000

 Your procedure includes:
  • Consultation and drawing of eyebrows and lips with pencil prior to procedure.
  • Use of numbing agents in the cosmetic area to reduce swelling, bleeding, and pain.
  • Guaranteed sterile equipment.
  • Color that stays permanently. Eyebrows that don't turn orange, pink, or purple!
  • Aftercare product that doesn't interact with color or irritate mucous membranes.


Blond eyebrows, freshly done   Light brown eyebrow, freshly done  Dark Blond eyebrow, freshly done Dark brown eyebrows, freshly done 
 Before fix-up of other people's work.  After fix-up!  Before - orange eyebrows done by someone else  After - color restored to brown

 Second row of photos shows before and after fix-up of other Cosmetic artist's work. Left photo is before, right photo is after the fix-up.

  • Sassy will spend as much as an hour, if needed, to draw eyebrows and lips on your face prior to numbing and tattooing. This insures symmetry of cosmetic area.
  • Sensitivity and bleeding is worse on the face due to thinner skin in that area. Numbing agents are expensive, but help with these problems and keeps you from bleeding color out. This is why permanent cosmetics are much higher in price.
  • Almost everyone needs a touch up, but once the touch up is done you won't need another touch up as the colors are truly permanent!
  • Cosmetic colors are done using somewhat natural shades to enhance the beauty of your face. If you wish to wear a different color such as blue eyeliner or red lipstick, you can apply regular makeup over the top of your cosmetic tattoo!
  • Showering, sweating, & swimming don't affect your color and you will always have your makeup on!
  • Sassy has many shades of color for most every complexion, hair color, and cosmetic need.
  • A private area is available for areola restoration.


Eyeliner healed   Eyeliner healed Thick eyeliner  Thin eyeliner 
 Eyeliner, healed  Eyeliner, healed  Eyeliner, healed  Eyeliner, healed

 Thick, thin, dark, or light, you can be sure to get the style you are accustomed to wearing!

Full lip color and lipliner

 Full lip color - fresh Lipliner - fresh   Lipliner - healed Full lip color - healed   Full lip color - healed

*Colors heal lighter than what is applied.

 We have a privacy area for Areola Coloring.

Health Dept. records show Tattooz by Sassy is one of the top permanent cosmetic artists in the entire state of Arkansas and the top performer in the area!

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