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  • According to Arkansas law, you MUST be at least 16 years of age WITH a biological parent or legal guardian with notarized court document. You MUST also have state issued photo I.D.. Parent must also have a state issued photo I.D. and you MUST HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE. NO exceptions!!

Sarah uses emu oil in every piercing procedure. This provides superior lubrication and helps with the healing and prevention of problems in piercings that typically will experience certain problems such as ear cartilage. We also have emu oil for sale as well as other all natural products for those who have sensitivities to man-made ointments or other products.

   Tragus piercing  Triple helix piercing   Triple surface piercing 
Sarah welcomes any new piercing concept. If it has skin, she can pierce it in the most aesthetically pleasing way! 

Please note that surface piercings and dermals have a higher rate of rejection and migration (growing out). This is something that may never work out for you and is something we do not have any control over but will be happy to do for you if you wish to try this type of piercing! The ones that heal without rejection look very nice!!

Double navel piercing Double hip piercing Eyebrow and dermal anchor piercing

We offer free cleaning or changing services to our customers!! If you had your piercing done in another shop, there is a $5 fee for cleaning or changing as we cannot guarantee anyone else's piercing services.

Orbital piercing Surface neck piercing Double dermal piercing Dermal piercing Cleavage piercing

 Dermal anchor procedure:

Start of dermal anchor piercing

Dermal anchor procedure Inserting dermal anchor Dermal anchor complete

Male nipple Double dermal anchor Hand web

Privacy is provided for genital and female nipple piercing.

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