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The "Deadly Dreams" series is a work of paranormal fiction. The stories follow Christine Marlow, an award-winning photographer who finds herself having more adventures than she ever imagined after her psychic abilites come to life through dreams and visions. Each book revolves around actual dreams by the author and involves villains of all kinds in both real and imaginary worlds.


Deadly Dreams: Burning Desires 



  Christine Marlow has had precognitive dreams her entire life. She is not, however, going to let dreams of her burning to death stop her from going on a very long overdue vacation in the peaceful Ozark Mountains.
     Once in the Ozarks, she meets the handsome and available Ted Coleman who makes her vacation more interesting as they quickly build a close relationship. Her dreams continue to haunt her though and begin taking on a life of their own as they spill into reality, causing her to have horrific visions and experience injuries that leave cuts and bruises on her body. On top of the unseen forces tormenting her, she starts receiving frightening gifts and letters from an unknown man who will stop at nothing to possess her . . . even murder!


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 Deadly Dreams: Driving Force

     Christine has finally settled in to the Coleman ranch in northern Arkansas; three months after having almost been killed in a cabin nearby. She has finally wrapped up her city life and made plans for a new country life with her fiance. All seems picture perfect in her world until the deadly dreams and visions start up again. This time she is being warned of someone else's demise; a pretty, young college student in the clutches of a sadistic serial killer! On top of the horrific scenes playing out in her head, she is asked to do a photography assignment for a unique resort being built into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
     Christine receives a new paranormal gift after finding herself in a dangerous position as she faces the handsome twisted killer. Once she figures out she has the ability to use this gift at will, she finds a way to use it to battle the evil man. Unfortunately, he has also found a way to tap into the same gift creating an epic battle of paranormal abilities in a dimension not of this world.

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Deadly Dreams: Hide and Seek

     While Ted and Christine prepare to spend the rest of their life together, an evil force has returned from the past bringing Christine the biggest challenge of her life. She is soon inducted into a secret society with unusual beliefs and certain powers that become essential in helping Christine perform the task at hand. Just as she begins to master the game of hide and seek in strange worlds, she suddenly loses control of her abilities and finds herself unable to perform the task without getting herself and another innocent human being in danger.
     The Coleman family rallies to her aid along with the secret society. Together the power of love from the family and the unusual abilities of the warriors become the key element in helping Christine complete the task. Once the job is done, all is well in her world until a darkness forms and swoops in destroying the family and taking someone loved and respected by all leaving a hole that might never be filled.


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